Improve your Health and Wellness

The Health Wellness center has different groups that help students who are struggling with mental illness, especially due to Covid.


Jacqueline Colombo, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has made a big impact on  businesses, travel,etc… but very importantly, it has made an impact on mental health. 

In March 2020, the whole world shut down as a stay-at-home order was issued. All non-essential businesses had to be closed, including schools. This quarantine meant taking some time off from seeing loved ones or good friends. Unless you were an essential worker, there was not much reason to go out. Going from hanging out with friends and being active to staying at home with no one to see and nothing to do really messed up peoples’ mental health. So if you have felt lonely during this pandemic, you are far from alone. 

Grossmont College has wonderful support systems. Molly McGraw, a counselor for Grossmont’s Health and Wellness Center, said the center has many different counselors from all different backgrounds who are always open to taking students in to talk about what’s going on with COVID-19 and how it has affected them. Students are also welcome to seek guidance about stress from classes or other personal matters.

“We give them techniques, and help them process it, and make it to where their time at Grossmont is successful,” McGraw said. 

The Health and Wellness Center also has a good amount of group therapy sessions, which can provide students with a sense of community. McGraw runs the Mindfulness Group held every Friday at 11 a.m. This group includes music and meditation so people can relax and get in touch with their bodies and feelings. They can then take those skills and use them when they are at home, in class, or any time they are feeling anxiety.

Another group that’s a part of the Health and Wellness Center is called “Navigating Covid.” With an eight-person maximum capacity, it is a small Zoom session in which students talk about COVID-19 and how it has impacted them. The event is held Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to noon. Interested students can email [email protected] for more information.

Every counseling session is free of charge so you do not have to break the bank with therapy. “We have lots of spaces open, so we’re totally looking forward to having students come in, and talk, and just get stuff off their chest, because I know it has been such a hard year,” McGraw said.

For more information, follow @health_wellness_grossmont on Instagram.