The Show Must Go On

COVID-19 has halted audiences and fans from participating in many on-campus activities.

Performing and Visual Arts Center

Performing and Visual Arts Center

Joseph Salcido, Staff Writer

We are back on campus, Grossmont Griffins, but somehow it feels like a pivotal piece of the school is still missing.

With significant on-campus events still suspended at Grossmont, the everyday hustle and bustle of the community we are used to seeing on our campus is absent, and it’s noticeable. Many students have returned to campus and are now in their fifth week of class, and can’t help but wonder whether we will ever be able to cheer on our Griffins in the stands or if our brand-new, $44-million theater will ever be put to use.

Griffins know that when the campus can hold more events, it brings our community of students that much closer. 

“Our college presidents are reviewing each proposed event to ensure plans are in place to meet the District’s COVID-19 protocols,” Grossmont Chancellor Lynn Ceresino said in a district email. This analysis will determine if an event is safe to hold. Our college athletic directors and deans are developing a plan regarding spectators at athletic events. Until that plan is in place, we are for now not permitting spectators at either indoor or outdoor athletic events. Visiting teams are being informed of our current limitations pending the final plan.”

When it comes to sporting events for the Griffins, it looks like we are still in limbo as the directors and deans come up with a plan for future events at Grossmont. At least for the moment, there is some hope for significant events to be on campus when Grossmont can assure students’ safety so we can get back to enjoying that classic campus feeling.