Fun, Safe Activities Students Did During COVID-19

Bored of staying at home with no fun? Have fun outside your home while still remaining safe.


After the global pandemic of COVID-19 struck, people from all over the world had to stop their everyday lives and adjust. From friendly gatherings to home isolation, students had to put a hold on their human interaction and social status just to be safe.

Even though most students may enjoy laying back and having fun staying home watching television or playing video games, how long can it really last? 

“When COVID-19 shut down the majority of things to do, I went to the drive-ins,” Grossmont Student Jade May said. 

Since movie theaters shut down, the drive-ins are a fun and similar way to enjoy a movie with family or the people you are quarantined with. Even better, you are in your own car participating in social distancing. 

Another safe activity students can participate in is hiking, considering there are multiple places to go hiking around San Diego. As long as you are staying a safe distance away from other people, wearing your mask and only participating with people you are quarantined with, hiking is a safe and fun way to get out of your house and enjoy the outdoors. 

Finally, reading outdoors is safe and fun for most students. At the time COVID-19 first hit, students had to transition to online schooling instead of in-person. Students sat in their room and attended two to three classes a day for hours. Reading outside by a pool, at a park or at the beach is a good way to also get some views and sun, while also sharpening your reading skills while away from the classroom. 

It is important for students to be able to take part in fun, safe activities during a time like this. Mental health is extremely valuable and until we are all safe and COVID-19 is under control, students may want to try these activities.