‘Killing the Messenger’ was quite lively at concert

Dylan Burke

Dylan Burke
Dylan Burke

SAN DIEGO–The band Killing the Messenger, which includes Grossmont freshmen Kris Armbruster and Willie Malpica, rocked in front of a loud, excited group of metal fans at the Epicentre last Friday night, Sept. 23.

The band played five songs in about 15 minutes, while the crowd was dancing hard, enthused and entertained by their music.

After the show, lead vocalist Ahren Leepier-Gray said that on a scale from one to ten he was about a six, although this reviewer accorded the performance an 8 out of a possible 10.

Ahren and the rest of Killing the Messenger were successful “taking over the crowd.” There a variety of metal band music but there were shout outs incorporated through the songs such as “happy birthday,” “this song is dedicated to…” and of course they did not forget to mention that in exchange for donations at the back of the room, people could receive an album of Killing the Messenger’s songs.

The funniest thing that they did in their show was using a sound bite from the Adult Swim T.V. show Boondocks that captured the entire audience’s attention.

Killing the Messenger continues to work hard on their songs and appeared dedicated to performing in front of a live audience.

The next show the band plans on playing will be at SOMA at 335 Sports Arena Blvd on Saturday, October 15.

Burke is a student in Media Comm 132. He may be contacted at [email protected]