Budget cuts add to woes of student veterans

Matt Quijas

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Budget cuts have the veteran body on reconnaissance patrol to find alternative options in lieu of taking a break for the summer.

Student Veterans Organization (SVO) President Joey Zaliagiris stated that veterans not attending school  over the summer will face a cut in their current income.  Although some veterans have been referred to Grossmont’s sister college, Cuyamaca College, for summer courses, these also have been limited by budget cuts.

If they can’t find summer classess, some veterans will try to find an employer who can provide them with work over the summer to make up for any loss in the stipend .

What do veterans need to know?

– Because the semester comes to an end later this month, it is paramount that they find a college and submit their paperwork to the school they plan on attending.

– Other possible options include taking “crash courses” at a nearby university.  SDSU is one of those options.  The word on the street is courses are filling up fast, and there is no guarantee for available slots at this point.

Budget cuts add to the procedural red tape with which  veterans must cope each semester. They add to the veterans’ headaches.

Quijas is editor of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted at [email protected]