ASGC Accepting Applications for Elections

Amber Sherman

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– The Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) Board and Trustees are accepting applications for board elections for the 2014 Fall and Spring semesters.

ASGC is a collective group of Grossmont students with an interest in giving back to Grossmont and the community through volunteering as well as advocating for all students. Students who wish to apply for an ASGC Board position can pick up an application at the ASGC office. The application process will begin March 7 and ends on April 21.

“Student Affairs is hoping to get the word out regarding the election and voting process to our students and campus community.” said Patrice Braswell, Interim Director of Student Affairs.

According to ASGC, the Election Committee will be composed of four Grossmont students with one of the students as a non-voting chairperson. This Committee will be appointed by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs who will act as a non-voting, ex-officio member. Current or past ASGC members are ineligible to serve on the committee.

“Being in ASGC is what you make it. You take on responsibility for not only ASGC but for fellow Grossmont students. You also learn leadership and get experience along the way,” according to Nir Shtern, ASGC Director of Publicity.

ASGC’s Election Code states that once a candidate’s application has been processed the office of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs will verify that the candidate has met all criteria required for joining. Students must then attend the mandatory Board of Directors and Finance meetings. Board members and Executive Officers cannot have academic classes scheduled during these meeting times.

After the election the new ASGC officers will be sworn at the first regular meeting following spring finals. The term of office for each elected officer will be for one academic year until succeeding Board is sworn into office. For information about the Associated Students of Grossmont College elections and positions contact the Student Affairs office or ASGC.

The ASGC Board positions for 2014 elections are ASGC President, Vice President, Comptroller, Executive Secretary of Student Legislation, Director of Campus Activities, Director of Publicity, Board of Directors and Student Trustee. For eligibility and regulations  students can contact the Student Affairs Office or ASGC.