Election time for ASGC

Alexis Tittle


Editor’s note: Voting for ASGC officials starts today. This past week our reporter spoke to some candidates and filed this story.


GROSSMONT COLLEGE—It’s April and besides your taxes, this month the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) will be holding elections. Most of the candidates will be running unopposed but see this year’s elections as a way of getting students more involved and aware of ASGC and the many benefits it has to offer students.

In case you were unaware ASGC helps organize and regulate campus activities. It also donates half of its expenditures to academic and other school department in the form of grants, helping them buy things like sports equipment, cadavers, Bunsen burners and computers.

The election will take place April 11th and 12th. The ballots will be an all online process. Students will be notified by email, not necessarily at their school email account, but at the email address that was set up with their web-advisor account.

Last year’s election had a less-than-1% turnout. I had a chance to speak with a few of the candidates about their take on this year’s election.

Samantha Elliot is currently running for executive secretary of student legislation. When I questioned her about lack of involvement in student elections, Samantha said “people feel like their two-year stepping-stone so they just take classes and go home”.

Elliot wants to put in place a “college hour” that would be set aside during the middle of the day. During this time students and clubs could get together and enjoy in live music, food, activities and in general just relax. According to Elliot, other campuses have this type of program in place and it has proven to be successful in uniting students of different cultures and backgrounds.

Two friends, Sicarra Devers and Emma Carrillo, are dueling for Director of Publicity. Although they are in competition for the open position, currently they are working on a project together.

I had the opportunity to speak with Devers about her take on this year’s election. “I feel that I have a lot of positivity and creativity” Devers stated. Of her friendship with the opponent Devers said “good competition because we’re both qualified for the position”.
Tittle is a student in MCOMM 132; email at [email protected]