Lindquist appointed editor-in-chief of the Summit

-Staff Report-

William Dudley

Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Russell Lindquist, currently managing editor of the GC Summit, has been named editor-in-chief for the summer and Fall 2011 semester, it was announced by Instructor Donald H. Harrison.

During the current semester, Lindquist was part of the campus newspaper’s leadership team that had been assembled under the editorship of William Dudley, who holds a bachelor’s degree and had worked as a textbook editor before coming to Grossmont to brush up on journalistic skills.  “Lindquist has shown himself to be an excellent reporter, who can spot and develop news and feature stories as they are happening,” Harrison said. “He has a way of getting right to the heart of a story–a skill that he will be able to pass to other students in his new role.”

Additionally, said Harrison, Lindquist has demonstrated a skill in copy editing, and in newspaper and web layout.”

Harrison also had high praise for Dudley, who oversaw the production of four issues of ‘The Summit’ magazine this semester in addition to adding stories on an almost daily basis to the website. “Bill has started what I hope will be a tradition on the GC Summit–serving as an editor who not only administers the paper, but who also gets right out there and covers stories of every variety, setting a good example by his diligence.”

Media Comm 132 is a three-unit class that will meet during the Fall semester at 11 a.m. MTWTh.  The Monday class will be for one hour only, whereas the class will meet for two hours on each of the other three days.

“We purposely scheduled it over the noon hour because that is when many campus events occur,” said Harrison.  “Students will be able to cover those events during class time.”

The newspaper and website have opportunities for students desiring to learn news reporting and writing, photo journalism, video journalism and audio journalism.  If you are interested in learning any of these skills, you can register directly in Media Comm 132, or contact Harrison at [email protected]