There’s a new dean on campus

Barbara Boyd

Barbara Boyd
Barbara Boyd

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — There is a new Dean on campus, but  she is far from being new to the school. Debbie Yaddow who has devoted  21 years to the Grossmont College Nursing program, is now the Dean of  Allied Health and Nursing.

Yaddow related that she “fell” into her career, how she never planned to have it take her this far. She said that she started as a  respiratory therapist, and later on became a nurse once.  Still later she decided to become a teacher, where she could help others learn the nursing profession. “ I  love teaching, because you really make a difference in students’ lives,” she said.

As the Dean her responsibilities are still to students, but in addition she  is “working behind the scenes” on such tasks as securing “the best state-of-the-art equipment, facilities for the students, ” she said.

Even though Dean  Yaddow is not working with the students directly, she said she stills want them to feel  free to come and see her just to say “Hi. ”

She said she will maintain an open door policy for students, explaining:   “It keeps me in a loop of what’s going on in their lives.”

If there is a school-related problem, the students are encouraged to first see their teacher and then their  director of nursing, before coming to her, Yaddow said.  She added that  if she needs to get involved then she  will.

When asked where she will like to go from here, she responded “ I plan on  being here a lot longer.”
Boyd is a student in Media Comm 132.  She may be contacted at [email protected]

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