Evening Class Safety

Carly Albrecht


At night, school campuses can seem like creepy places. Some students might be reluctant to take night classes when they think of being on campus in the evening.

But students should not fear! Security protocols and safety measures are in place. Officer Frank Laveaga of the Grossmont Campus Police outlined some of the safety and security measures the school offers to students. “Grossmont College has call boxes and classroom phones that are designed to aid in providing security to our college community.” Laveaga said, “Citizens can quickly report emergencies or criminal activity directly to police. Students can request to be escorted to their vehicle without having to leave their classroom.”

Call boxes can be found throughout campus parking lots and the parking structure. They’re easily recognizable by the blue lights on top. To activate a call box, push the red button to immediately call District Police. To use a classroom phone, just dial 7654, or dial 644-7654 on your cell phone and the call will be answered by District Police.

Officer Laveaga also offered some safety tips for students taking night classes:

  • Always try and walk to your car with two or more of your classmates.
  • Take advantage of campus escorts by calling 619-644-7654.
  • Don’t venture too far during class breaks, stay near your classroom with your classmates. If you don’t know your classmates well, you should avoid walking with him/her by yourself.
  • Try to stay in groups, especially when walking to your car.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. When you are focused on your phone by texting or sending emails this means you’re not really tuned-in to what’s going on around you.
  • Stick to your normal route when walking on campus at night. Do not take any deserted routes; stick to well-lit paths.

Reluctant students should go ahead and take those night classes, but remember these safety tips for preparedness and prevention.