Griffins That Much Closer To A Pacific Coast Conference Championship

Six games left on the season the Griffins look to finish strong.


RHP: Jake Sergent

Jacqueline Colombo, Staff Writer

The Grossmont College baseball team has made a big comeback this year after taking a two-year hiatus. As wonderful as it is to have the team back this year, the break was good for them. The players took that time to practice and get stronger, and it shows. The Griffins are tied with Palomar College’s first-place conference record of 14-4. 

The players did not take having the season back for granted. Grossmont may be sharing their current standing with Palomar right now, but that does not mean the players have lacked motivation; in fact, they have been working harder than ever.

When shortstop Jack Allen was asked if being in first place motivated them more, he said, “It has motivated us more, I think that we realize we’re all really good and that we actually do have a lot of potential and that we can win this.” Allen also stated that they had been out on the field every day practicing, which has helped them achieve success on game day.

“I usually show up to practice early, get in the cage, work on hitting the ball the opposite way because I’ve been struggling trying to hit the ball to the left side of the field, so I just set up the T on the outside half, and start working that way before practice,” said third baseman Skyler Agnew. 

“My first round of BP, I’ll have my coach start throwing the outside corner so I can try to get the barrel to the ball and put it in play more,” said Agnew. 

Agnew added as of recently, he sees that they are all coming together. They just have to keep playing like a first-place team, and it is just starting to click for a lot of the guys, so he has hopes that they keep this momentum, win their division and go to playoffs followed by a championship.

Every sport comes with competition, and pitcher Dylan Vail said. As of right now, their biggest competition is Palomar College.

 “I think it gave us more time to get better at what we needed to get better at, and just practice what we needed to work on more, and establish that,” said Vail.

Just like people say, “baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.” Congratulations to our Griffin baseball team. Hard work and patience do pay off in the end. Here’s to a good season.