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Time’s Out Running

Time’s Out Running

Sharisse Cohee, Editor in Chief

October 12, 2018

Prop 7 may throw daylight saving time out the window. Proposition 7, a measure in the November ballot of the 2018 California General Election, has the ability to abolish a custom Americans have lived by since 1949: the dreaded – as well as beloved – ritual of daylight saving time. The transition...

BYU Dance Ensemble Dances Their Way Across The World

BYU Dance Ensemble Dances Their Way Across The World

Michael Covington

March 16, 2013

  GROSSMONT COLLEGE--The world famous BYU Folk Dance Ensemble and the Mountain Strings Orchestra treated Grossmont College to a performance in the main quad on March 12. The BYU Dance team, which normally has around 200 members, sent their best and brightest to entertain and show of their...

The Onion Goes Sour

Micheal Covington

March 11, 2013

The Oscars are a very exciting night for the entertainment industry. It’s the night that the most prestigious movie awards are handed out and the industry takes an opportunity to recognize all the industry professionals who were at the top of their field for that year. The Oscars are also an oppo...

A Degree With A Guarantee

Britney O'Donnell

March 11, 2013

  GROSSMONT COLLEGE--California Community and State College newspaper editors, reporters and faculty advisors participated in a conference call regarding the 1044 pathway; a program to make transferring to a four-year university easier. The press conference was lead by California Community Colleg...

ASGC Offers Student Benefit Card

Amber Sherman

March 7, 2013

GROSSMONT COLLEGE --This semester the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) have expanded upon the student benefit card. With the benefit card, students have the opportunity for various discounts. The ASGC benefit package, better known as the benefit card, is a sticker placed on the back...

Umoja Club Gives Back to Community in Beach Cleanup

Ashley Davis

March 7, 2013

FIESTA ISLAND, CA-- In conjunction with Black History Month the Umoja program of Grossmont College and Cuyamaca College students were invited to participate in a joint community beach cleanup service. Umoja, which stands for Unity in Kiswahili, mission statement is to “serve educationally and economically...

OPNION: Analysis of the State of the Union

OPNION: Analysis of the State of the Union

Heather Hanenburg

February 18, 2013

  President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union Address on February 12. In his speech, the President attempted to cover the successes of his first term and lay out the groundwork for the next four years. Military Issues The president began his speech by declaring that American tr...

Holiday Safety Tips

Amy Golden

December 3, 2012

The holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) is the time of year to hustle and bustle and try not to splurge an entire budget on gifts, decorations, gifts, food, heating bills, and clothes, but to include traveling to/from vacation destinations to see family and friends elsewhere. The airpo...

OPINION: Four More Years of Hope

Johnny Weber

November 9, 2012

*The comments and thoughts in this article do not reflect that of the GC Summit or that of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. They are solely the opinions of the Author. President Barak Obama was re-elected for a second term, scoring a major victory for progressives across the nation. ...

Grossmont’s Own Named “Miss Pacific Islander”

Desiree Shelby

November 5, 2012

The Pacific Island Festival Association (PIFA), an organization that promotes the cultures of the indigenous people of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Each year, the San Diego chapter of PIFA holds a pageant and crowns Miss Pacific Islander. Mialani M. Love, a second year student at Grossmont, was named ...

Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

Amy Golden

October 31, 2012

*Editorial* Halloween is meant to be fun for all ages, especially for young kids. Children get to dress up in costumes and mimick their favorite characters, ideas and visions. The kids run around their school and neighborhoods, not worrying about anything other than not getting enough candy.  That’s wher...

Photo Charity Hosts Homeless Awareness Walk

Dorothy Sandford

October 12, 2012

Photo Charity hosted The National Walk Concert at Liberty Station in Point Loma to save homeless youth on Sunday October, 7. Photo Charity is an organization to help raise funds and awareness to local homeless youth. In San Diego, there are currently two thousand homeless youth ages 12 through 17-years ...

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