All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

Jocelyn Limon-Vazquez, Senior Staff Writer

Chi Alpha provides a loving community for students.

Chi Alpha is a worldwide Christian organization with more than 28,000 student members and is currently on more than 300 university campuses all over the world. Fortunately, Grossmont College happens to be one of them.

You have probably encountered or talked with someone from this group already, but if you haven’t you are probably wondering, “What exactly is Chi Alpha?” Chi Alpha is not a fraternity or sorority; it is a Christian organization, a community and, to some students, Chi Alpha is considered their home.

Johnathan Quang, a student from Grossmont, said he was able to find love and a community in Chi Alpha:. “I found a family, love and a community. Chi Alpha showed me that I am not alone.”

Chi Alpha offers students a safe environment in which they can feel welcomed, loved and encouraged. An environment where students find healing, peace, joy and where students can be vulnerable without fearing being judged by others.

“Chi Alpha gave me a sense of belonging; it gave me courage to pursue my passion and now I am able to pursue the career I always dreamed of, and I also found the love of my life, my boyfriend Michael,” said Franchesca Bondoc, a Grossmont student.

Each semester, the group welcomes new students. Many of these new students come from different religious backgrounds, with different problems, addictions and anxieties. Chi Alpha may be a Christian organization, but that does not mean that everyone who wants to join Chi Alpha is or has to be perfect. You can come just as you are.

Chi Alpha members, staff and leaders are constantly reaching out to people, especially those who are hurting, those who are looking for a community, and those who simply need someone to listen or encourage them.

In Chi Alpha, you won’t only make friends you will also make memories that will last a lifetime. Students in Chi Alpha also have the opportunity to go on mission trips and visit places such as Mexico, Costa Rica and the Philippines. Students go camping and hiking, and they even go to conferences every year. Each of these events always make an impact on the students’ lives.

Once you join Chi Alpha, your life is forever changed– changed by a community and a family that will make your life better, but most importantly, changed by the power of love. because love changes everything.

The mission in Chi Alpha is to “Love God, love ourselves and love our campus,” and the group’s main goal for this year is to love others and show students what true love looks like.

“Chi Alpha taught me patience and gave me new friends and a loving community,” said Abraham Fitzwilson, a student from a Muslim family who has found a home in Chi Alpha.

It doesn’t matter what your religious background is or who you are. If you are looking for a community, love, hope, happiness or someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to reach out. For more info, visit

Full Disclosure: Jocelyn Limon-Vazquez is an active participant in Chi Alpha.