Fences! Construction equipment! Where’d everyone go?

Brennan Wasan


Brennan Wasan

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– What are those buildings surrounded by green fences and construction equipment?  What is the ‘modular village’  all about?  Why are visitors to campus having trouble finding their way around?  Where did everybody go? 

According to Tim Flood, vice president of administrative services and director of  facilities and maintenance, Grossmont College is undergoing  renovation and repair to fit the “modern needs of the campus for over 20,000 students.”  Behind the fences are the old administration center and the student center. 

He said that the student center, once renovated, will be a “one-stop” facility for students. It will include a multi-food venue cafeteria, as well as offices for Associated Students (ASGC), student affairs and career and job services. And to keep everything close, the culinary arts department will be in the same general area. Not only will this upgraded facility have a lounge and gaming area, it will also have a quiet place for studying and reading.   

Meanwhile,  these services are housed in modular units elsewhere on campus.  The food court is now in the center of campus in a modular building.  The Bookstore remains at its old location. 

As for the various administrative offices, they are now located in a modular village on the south side of the new parking structure.

Here one can find Admissions; the “deanery,” where various deans have their offices; President Sunita V. Cooke’s office; and counseling, among other offices. 

Ryan Jeremy, a student in his second year and undeclared major, recently recalled that he “was heading to the food court in the enclosed student center, until I realized it was under construction” and moved to a modular building. And now instead of being inside, it is outside and shaded by a huge tent. 

This is all temporary and according to Flood, this project can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months. 

Here is a link to a map of the campus, which may be downloaded as a PDF file. 

Wasan is a student in Media Communications 132, the class that publishes the GC Summit