WOW showcases clubs and special programs

Kellen Brauer

Tables and booths covered mainquad during Week of Welcome

Kellen Brauer
Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- As part of Grossmont College’s WOW–Week of Welcome–many clubs and programs were recently on display to enable incoming students to get a little taste of life on campus beyond the classroom.

Such programs as the International Club, the Visual Arts and Humanities program, and the Associated Students of Grossmont College were among the organizations that took their messages to tables and booths at the Main Quad and other campus locations.

The International Club  “is for both American students and International students,” said International Club adviser Barbara Clark. “About 30 or so different nationalities are represented in the club.”

“We have barbeques and bus trips as well as game nights and sports day,” Clark explained. “The club tries to do a number of activities on and off the campus to provide an opportunity for the American and International students to meet each other and get to know each other.”

Students fill the several leadership roles that require attention within the club. In a previous year,  “I noticed the club during orientation and I joined it,” stated its vice president, Satoe Nagasaka. “It is really interesting and my friends on the club are so nice.”

Those interested in joining the International Club can contact the club’s adviser, Barbara Clark, [email protected]

At another table Matt Agcolicol said,  “I am representing visual arts and humanities, the Art and Design Club, and the study abroad to Florence.  This is everything that has to do with visual arts in Grossmont College as far as extracurricular.”

“Right now the club is currently working on a couple of murals in downtown El Cajon” Agcolicol continued. “Because of the budget cuts, everyone is being affected and art is one of the programs that is being totally neglected as far as we’re not being taken seriously when art itself can be seen everywhere.”

Those interested in Grossmon’t Art and Design Club can contct the club’s faculty adviser, Jennifer Bennett, at [email protected]

Cherylanne Phillips, president of the Associated Students of Grossmont College, told visitors to her table:  “Our main goal is to commit to the campus, so we get out there, we work with other clubs. We actually advocate for the students; as part of the ASGC, we take part in campus-wide government and things that affect students. We do stuff like barbeques, open mike, just a number of things.”

These programs as well as others around the campus seek student participation.  More information about clubs and activities may be obtained from the ASGC offices in Room 36-340, or by visiting the ASGC website at

Brauer is a student in Media Comm 132.  He may be contacted at [email protected]